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โœจ Database Migration

These notes only apply to trulens_eval developments that change the database schema.

Warning: Some of these instructions may be outdated and are in progress if being updated.

Creating a new schema revision

If upgrading DB, You must do this step!!

  1. cd truera/trulens_eval/database/migrations
  2. Make sure you have an existing database at the latest schema
    • mv trulens/trulens_eval/release_dbs/sql_alchemy_<LATEST_VERSION>/default.sqlite ./
  3. Edit the SQLAlchemy orm models in trulens_eval/database/
  4. Run export SQLALCHEMY_URL="<url>" && alembic revision --autogenerate -m "<short_description>" --rev-id "<next_integer_version>"
  5. Look at the migration script generated at trulens_eval/database/migration/versions and edit if necessary
  6. Add the version to database/migration/ in variable: sql_alchemy_migration_versions
  7. Make any data_migrate updates in database/migration/ if python changes were made
  8. git add truera/trulens_eval/database/migrations/versions

Creating a DB at the latest schema

If upgrading DB, You must do this step!!

Note: You must create a new schema revision before doing this

  1. Create a sacrificial OpenAI Key (this will be added to the DB and put into github; which will invalidate it upon commit)
  2. cd trulens/trulens_eval/tests/docs_notebooks/notebooks_to_test
  3. remove any local dbs
    • rm -rf default.sqlite
  4. run below notebooks (Making sure you also run with the most recent code in trulens-eval) TODO: Move these to a script
    • all_tools.ipynb # cp ../../../generated_files/all_tools.ipynb ./
    • llama_index_quickstart.ipynb # cp ../../../examples/quickstart/llama_index_quickstart.ipynb ./
    • langchain-retrieval-augmentation-with-trulens.ipynb # cp ../../../examples/vector-dbs/pinecone/langchain-retrieval-augmentation-with-trulens.ipynb ./
    • Add any other notebooks you think may have possible breaking changes
  5. replace the last compatible db with this new db file
    • Use the version you chose for --rev-id
    • mkdir trulens/trulens_eval/release_dbs/sql_alchemy_<NEW_VERSION>/
    • cp default.sqlite trulens/trulens_eval/release_dbs/sql_alchemy_<NEW_VERSION>/
  6. git add trulens/trulens_eval/release_dbs

Testing the DB

Run the below:

  1. cd trulens/trulens_eval

  2. Run the tests with the requisite env vars.

HUGGINGFACE_API_KEY="<to_fill_out>" \
OPENAI_API_KEY="<to_fill_out>" \
PINECONE_API_KEY="<to_fill_out>" \
PINECONE_ENV="<to_fill_out>" \
python -m pytest tests/docs_notebooks -k backwards_compat