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JSON Utilities


Json utilities and serialization utilities dealing with json.





obj_id_of_obj(obj: dict, prefix='obj')

Create an id from a json-able structure/definition. Should produce the same name if definition stays the same.


    obj: Any, *args, redact_keys: bool = False, **kwargs
) -> str

Encode the given json object as a string.


json_default(obj: Any) -> str

Produce a representation of an object which does not have a json serializer.


jsonify_for_ui(*args, **kwargs)

Options for jsonify common to UI displays.

Redacts keys and hides special fields introduced by trulens.


    obj: Any,
    dicted: Optional[Dict[int, JSON]] = None,
    instrument: Optional["Instrument"] = None,
    skip_specials: bool = False,
    redact_keys: bool = False,
    include_excluded: bool = True,
    depth: int = 0,
    max_depth: int = 256,
) -> JSON

Convert the given object into types that can be serialized in json.

    obj: the object to jsonify.

    dicted: the mapping from addresses of already jsonifed objects (via id)
        to their json.

    instrument: instrumentation functions for checking whether to recur into
        components of `obj`.

    skip_specials: remove specially keyed structures from the json. These
        have keys that start with "__tru_".

    redact_keys: redact secrets from the output. Secrets are detremined by
        `` .

    include_excluded: include fields that are annotated to be excluded by

    depth: the depth of the serialization of the given object relative to
        the serialization of its container.

max_depth: the maximum depth of the serialization of the given object. Objects to be serialized beyond this will be serialized as "non-serialized object" as pernoserio`. Note that this may happen for some data layouts like linked lists. This value should be no larger than half the value set by sys.setrecursionlimit.

    The jsonified version of the given object. Jsonified means that the the
    object is either a JSON base type, a list, or a dict with the containing
    elements of the same.