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Bases: WithClassInfo, SerialModel

Base Provider class.

TruLens makes use of Feedback Providers to generate evaluations of large language model applications. These providers act as an access point to different models, most commonly classification models and large language models.

These models are then used to generate feedback on application outputs or intermediate results.

Provider is the base class for all feedback providers. It is an abstract class and should not be instantiated directly. Rather, it should be subclassed and the subclass should implement the methods defined in this class.

There are many feedback providers available in TruLens that grant access to a wide range of proprietary and open-source models.

Providers for classification and other non-LLM models should directly subclass Provider. The feedback functions available for these providers are tied to specific providers, as they rely on provider-specific endpoints to models that are tuned to a particular task.

For example, the Huggingface feedback provider provides access to a number of classification models for specific tasks, such as language detection. These models are than utilized by a feedback function to generate an evaluation score.


from import Huggingface
huggingface_provider = Huggingface()
huggingface_provider.language_match(prompt, response)

Providers for LLM models should subclass LLMProvider, which itself subclasses Provider. Providers for LLM-generated feedback are more of a plug-and-play variety. This means that the base model of your choice can be combined with feedback-specific prompting to generate feedback.

For example, relevance can be run with any base LLM feedback provider. Once the feedback provider is instantiated with a base model, the relevance function can be called with a prompt and response.

This means that the base model selected is combined with specific prompting for relevance to generate feedback.


from import OpenAI
provider = OpenAI(model_engine="gpt-3.5-turbo")
provider.relevance(prompt, response)


endpoint class-attribute instance-attribute

endpoint: Optional[Endpoint] = None

Endpoint supporting this provider.

Remote API invocations are handled by the endpoint.